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The Bush House

23 February 2009


Stefan’s News


A Wild dog kill, a big male lion wanting to bite our vehicle tyre, a very relaxed leopard staring at us from a tree and elephant bulls causing true bushveld style traffic jams all surrounded by the lush green bush…
Wow! What a way to go into the new year.



The bush has been favouring us, and we have had some very interesting days out here.
To start off with things, a young zebra was so interested in our vehicle that he just had to come closer and have a sniff of our engine that was making such a strange noise, and just to further satisfy his curiosity, he gave it a slight nibble to make sure it was not just a very big tasty treat!



We also had another animal friend interested in our vehicle, but this one had a bit sharper teeth in his mouth.
A lion was lying right next to our vehicle and could not see the need for going around the vehicle, but rather felt he must go through it, so he walked closer and growled at the tyre till I gave him his way and backed off so he could continue as HE wanted.



Elephants have also been around, and allowed us some very nice sightings of them. Some encounters involved a bit more action than others, especially the bulls owning the roads and causing traffic jams in the bush as only they can. Some of these guys are just not going to make way for you on the road. They are always ready with a reaction to your approach. I am sure that deep inside of them they are having a big laugh at us and are actually enjoying these encounters.



Our pack of wild dogs have also made a kill right in front of us and we had the pleasure of seeing the whole feast being enjoyed. Also we saw some full bellied pups, with sleepy eyes, scratching around for a resting place. As if that was not enough, they decided to come and visit us right by the camp and enjoyed yet another feast at our eastern access road.



We also got to see a very relaxed leopard lying in a dead Leadwood tree. What a pleasure to see such a magnificent animal staring at you with those yellow eyes.


The bush is still lush green and looking beautiful. Sometimes just a drive through the mountains to enjoy the scenery is more than enough to take you to a whole different world and put you in a state of complete relaxation.


Going into the new season, the scenery in the bush is about to change and I cant wait to see the “new” bush coming alive and seeing what our animal friends have got in store for us.


Best regards

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