The Bush House - exclusive private game lodge in malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa - Game viewing drives to see the Big 5

The Bush House




Now the above mentioned words are used with great liberty in this day and age.
There is absolutely no argument that these beasts portray the gravity of meaning of those words….


Greetings from me Coenie and my Bush House family.


Starting about four months ago in Madikwe at The Bush House, there were a lot of new challenges getting to know the operations of the lodge, all the new people and above all this huge park and all its roads. Challenging? Yes! Fun? Some of the most fun I have had in a long time seeing as the whole park and lodge both are so beautiful and full of excitement at all times!!!!!!


Like these lion cubs!!!!!! Who have literally doubled in size since I started here!


cubs Paw Print

And on the right, a track?  Yes of what? Awesome and highly illusive leopard!!!!!


Now please don’t lose hope we do actually see them from time to time, we just need to have patience, pay attention to detail and with a bit of luck from mother nature, the cat and our eyes we have been blessed with we may just get more than a track. My point being if you want to try your luck to see more than a track comes visit us at The Bush House.


Wild Dogs

Wild dogs, probably the animals that leave me gasping for air the most of all!! Look at their postures they are in hunting mode. Seeing these creatures hunt just about leaves anyone at a loss for words I have put a lot of thought into how to describe their hunting strategy. IT IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTLY ORCHESTRATED CHAOS!!! Just for the record they are the most successful hunters in Africa.


Drinking Kudu

As I said earlier I started here about four months ago it was at the end of our summer so there was a lot of water and nutrients. Now it is very dry which results in interaction between species at permanent water bodies such as Thlou dam(left) and animals like this female kudu (right) eating bones for extra calcium, phosphates and other minerals.


On the flip side, we are slowly going back into summer, yes summer because in Africa we pretty much skip spring!!! Now this means the next rains are not to far but also our smaller exothermic ”cold blooded” friends, some call them enemie, namely reptiles, frogs and insects are almost going to burst into life. Birds that are still in Europe or North Africa are about to return. Those two worlds are full of interesting creatures and above all most of them are quite good looking… Not even mentioning how the bush explodes into a beautiful green thing after the first proper rains!!!! All of this coming soon.


For the time being we will have to make do with what we have.
Now this does sound boring!? Trust me and the The Bush House team dull moments in Madikwe are a rare commodity she keeps us guessing.


Last but not least



With sunsets like these where would you rather be than The Bush House in Madikwe?


Madikwe and Bush House, I love you!!!!

Cheers from me and the bush house family. Hope to see you soon or again.

Keep well.


**All pictures taken by Coenie **

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